Eduardo Oliva is the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions fellow of the week!

Eduardo is a Post-doctoral fellow at the Instituto de Fusión Nuclear. His research work consists in modelling novel coherent sources of X-rays and their applications. Eduardo develops physical models and computer programs to study how to create and amplify coherent X-rays in plasmas.

Also in the photo: Takaaki Kajita, Physics Nobel Prize Winner in 2015.


These sources have multiple applications, like 3D imaging of proteins and viruses, probing the atmosphere for contaminants (by making the air lase) or improving current CT scan technology.

Eduardo enjoys outreach activities, like writing in dissemination blogs (if you want to know what Asterix can teach you about coherent and incoherent light you can check these blogs: and ) and participating in activities like infodays, MSCA 'Meet the fellows'  and the European Researchers Night.

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