Post-doc position in ENTENTE project

The post-doctoral position is financed within the H2020 EURATOM project called ENTENTE (European Database for Multiscale Modelling of Radiation Damage). The expected contribution of the postdoctoral research will concern irradiation spectra uncertainty impact study on mechanical properties of irradiated steel.

The objective is to link the irradiation characteristics to radiation damage and to local mechanical properties in reactor pressure vessel microstructures using the databases available within the project.

Indeed, several experimental and modelling data will be gathered by the international partners in this project and can be used for this study. Furthermore, this database will be developed consistently with the multiscale SOTERIA platform used. This platform, developed in the frame of a European project, enables to model the effect of irradiation on steel, from the atomic damages to the macroscopic thermomechanical behavior of the material.

First task of this work will be to understand the coupling between the neutronic calculation and the material damage estimation and to establish the impact of neutronic calculation outputs on the models used in the SOTERIA platform, with a particular attention to the inter-dependences. Using some test perturbations of the irradiation spectrum, the sensitivity of the damage descriptors to the neutron spectrum will be determined. As a result, a methodology of uncertainty propagation through the SOTERIA models will be proposed. Finally, the experimental database will be used to select some cases where the sensitivity of the damage descriptor to neutron spectra can be evaluated.


This post-doctoral project will be mainly performed at IRSN, Fontenay-aux-Roses, within the Department of Neutronics and Criticality Safety, and with several stays at IRSN Cadarache, within the Department of Reactor Transients and Accidents. The post-doc will have to participate in the ENTENTE meetings and exchange with the partners of the projects.

Start: September – December 2020
Duration: 18 months
Researcher profile: PhD in Neutronics or Material under irradiation
Research fields: Material aging under irradiation, neutronics/radiation
Location: Fontenay-aux-Roses, several stays at Cadarache
Contact: Brovchenko Mariya, Ribeiro Fabienne,