Is Fusion Nuclear Institute cluster with 6 computers, in total 48 processors, is used to perform calculations in parallel, so that the code efficiency is greatly increased. Each processor has 16 Gbytes of RAM, a storage memory of 4 Tbytes. The operating system is Linux, is equipped with different compilers. Among the codes that are arranged in parallel version are: ARWEN, fluid dynamics code, LAMMPS, simulation code for Molecular Dynamics and SIESTA: Ab initio code. This cluster is used to proof before to run any code in UPM – CESVIMA supercomputer Magerit.


Permeation equipment

Suitable for measuring the permeation of gases through membranes in the temperature range of 25 to 450 ° C


It has a magnetron sputtering system, it is designed for the manufacture and testing of materials with interest in nuclear fusion. It has a 2 inch diameter W magnetron and a pulsed source both developed by Nano4enery SLNE [1]. The chamber has a gas inlet that allows the introduction of different species such as Ar, He, H, etc. individually or mixed. All magnetrons are connected to AC, DC and HiPIMS power supplies.

[1] www.nano-energy.eu