• In the Museum of Aviation and Aerospace

    Mural located in Hangar number 2 at the Aviation and Aerospace Museum where it is exposed a historical trajectory of the Ulam-Teller method from its applications in thermonuclear

  • Nuria Gordillo in Famelab

    nuria-gordillo interior

    Our colleague Nuria Gordillo reached the final phase of the Spanish edition of the scientific monologue contest Famelab after overcoming semifinal phase with the monologue "Un

  • Denim in the summer school

    cnea logo

    Two of our researchers (José Manuel Perlado and Antonio Rivera) participated in the summer course organized by Instituto Sábato (Universidad de San Martín) and Comisión Nacional de

  • Nano4energy


    Nano4Energy has established a new laboratory at the facilities of Instituto de fusion nuclear at the Escuela Tecnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales.The company is a