Safety & Radiation Protection. Nuclear Data. Uncertainty Propagation

Safety & Radiation Protection

One of the key research issues of the new future energy era would be the environmental impact of the fusion facilities that manage a kilogram of tritium. The potential change in the regulatory limits of compromised doses together with the implementation of nuclear design principles (ALARA, DiD) for fusion facilities could have a strong impact on the cost of implementing the next fusion technology Acute modeling of transport forms of environmental tritium (HT, HTO) for the evaluation of the dosimetric impact of fusion facilities in accidental cases and normal conditions seems to be of great interest.

This article considers different short-term releases of tritium forms (HT and HTO) into the atmosphere from a potential fusion reactor located in the Mediterranean basin. The work model in detail, tritium forms dispersion and dosimetric impact of selected environmental patterns both on land and at sea using real topography and forecasted meteorological data (ECMWF / FLEXPART).

We explore specific values ​​of this relationship at different levels and examine the influence of weather conditions on HTO behavior for 24 hours after release. For this purpose, we have used a tool consisting of a coupled Lagrangian ECGWF / FLEXPART model and a Normtri code.

Nuclear Data. Uncertainty Propagation


This project is addressing aspects of nuclear data research to produce accurate and reliable tools including data, codes and methodologies that can be used to simulate, analyse, optimize, exploit and evaluate the safety of nuclear energy and non-energy applications.

UPM is participating in two Work Packages:

  • WP4 on nuclear data evaluation and uncertainties, processing nuclear data and providing sensitivity analysis for many applications. UPM is also involved in the selection of benchmarks for nuclear data validation.
  • WP5 on nuclear data validation and integral experiments. In particular, UPM is coordinating activities on validation studies for nuclear data validation, assessing correlations in integral experiments and predicting C/E validation and trends.