Materials. Safety & Radiation Protection

The group of materials of the Instituto de Fusión Nuclear has as a mission the development, characterization, qualification and modeling of existing and new materials for applications in Nuclear Fusion

Neutron Sources

The main goal of this Consortium is to develop a research center in the Bilbao area that could contribute to the design, manufacturing and testing of components for projects such ESS where Spain has a significant participation

Non-Proliferation and Security Studies

In the context of Security and Defence and International Relations, our research deals with the numerous armed conflicts that have been undergoing significant changes during the last two decades and in different areas have led to the proliferation of small arms and light weapons (SALWs)

Radiation Hydrodynamics

The radiation hydrodynamics group inside the Nuclear Fusion Institute works on the simulation of plasmas in the high energy density regime produced during the ICF process, laboratory astrophysics experiments or X-ray secundary sources

Atomic Physics (UPM + ULPG)

The Atomic Physics Group has accumulated experience in developing a collection of theoretical and computational models for determining the atomic structure, atomic kinetics, radiative properties and thermodynamic properties of a wide variety of plasma conditions.

Avanced Reactors ands Nuclear Data

The research is focused in the development of new integrated codes for reliable and detailed reactor core simulation, including neutron kinetics and 3D coupled thermohydraulics (multiphysics) in relevant multiscales.

Safety & Radiation protection. Nuclear Data. Uncertainty Quantification

The research group on “Nuclear Data Analysis & Processing, Activation-Source Term Calculation and Uncertainty Propagation” has many years of research experience in reactor simulation