Organizational Measures/Using QR Code



Using the QR code implanted by the ETSII 

System to facilitate COVID-19 tracking: 

It´s a label with a QR code affixed to the doors of the teaching units, laboratories, general services, common rooms, and all the spaces and buildings within the perimeter of the ETSII. In our building the identification code UD Física Nuclear is located:

– on the 2nd floor at the entrance through the white gate.

– at the entrance to the main ground floor of the building (on the right).  

– on the 1st floor, IFN-GV offices.  

Steps to follow:  

– When we enter the place where we are going to stay for a few hours, we scan the aforementioned QR code with our mobile. This will take us to a web page where we must put our email @ and password UPM.  

– It´s recommended if one day you are in more than one place, do this in all the places you visit within the nuclear building and its different floors, as well as if you access the premises of the main ETSII building. 

This information feeds a confidential file that will only be used in the case of a positive COVID in order to know which people have shared a stay that day and facilitate traceability (the file is hosted on the School’s servers and the data is deleted after 21 since they are introduced).

Organizational measures to adopt

IFN ‐ GV offices and shared use rooms:

  • Separation of 1.5m of distance between people. (If it were necessary to shorten the distance, the installation of a methacrylate screen could be considered).
  • Mandatory use of a mask.
  • In those rooms where several people are going to stay for a certain period of time, a position of the tables should be carried out, keeping a separation of 1.5m.
  • Hydroalcoholic gel and disposable paper are distributed in marked points of the Institute’s facilities and spaces shared with the rest of the building.
  • Maintain constant natural ventilation in those rooms where this is possible and, failing that, ventilate the room for at least 5-10 min / 2 h during the stay. 


  • The hours of stay in the IFN-GV facilities will be that established by the ETSII at all times, following the guidelines set by the UPM, in accordance with what the health authorities establish due to the evolution of the pandemic. 

Use of stairs and elevator:

  • An attempt will be made to maintain the maximum distance when using the stairs, using the right side to go down and up, avoiding the crossing of people as much as possible. Do not use the railings.
  • The use of the elevator will be authorized individually.


  • Due to the restrictions of the cleaning service due to the cleaning needs of the ETSII classrooms several times a day in which face-to-face classes are being taught, the cleaning of the Institute’s facilities and the rest of the building in its common spaces (hall, services, etc.) will be held 2 times a week. Therefore, it is the task of all those who are going to access and stay in the facilities and offices of the Institute to collaborate as much as possible in the conservation of the cleanliness of the spaces, maintain good ventilation, as well as not depositing food remains at any time. or wrappers. The use of the kitchen and microwave to heat food is prohibited. The Library Room will be closed for the time being.






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